Nectar of the Goddess Workshops

Tallulah Sulis
Tallulah Sulis

Kristal Magic
Kristal Magic
(aka, Jem)
on Female Ejaculation

Presenting Tallulah Sulis, producer of the movie, Divine Nectar
and Kristal Magic, star of Divine Nectar and sex activist.


Our workshops include:

Female Ejaculation Experts Tallulah Sulis and Kristal Magic
presenting you with powerful tools and techniques to help you and your partner tap into your Divine Nectar in a safe and loving way.  You will be taken on a magical journey into the Secrets of your infinite sexual potential! Join us for the Seminar, the Experiential Workshop, or both.


Evening Seminar:
This informative Seminar will take you on a visual journey into the explosive and sacred world of female ejaculation. Clips of Tallulah’s film, Divine Nectar, will be played which includes scenes of women ejaculating and instructional content. You will learn amazing erotic technologies that will help you (and/or your partner) awaken your g-spot, explore multiple orgasms, and gush liquid fountains of love and ecstasy. Join us for an intimate evening of visual journeys and powerful information.


Experiential Workshop (for single women and couples only):

  • See what Female Ejaculation actually looks like in a Live Demo with Kristal Magic.
  • See clips from the acclaimed film on dvd, Divine Nectar.
  • Find, stimulate, and awaken your G-spot during an experiential journey.
  • Get the facts about Female Ejaculation while dispelling myths and misconceptions.  (No, it’s not pee!)
  • Learn how to strengthen your muscles and experience gushing multiple orgasms.
  • Learn how to heal sexual wounding through G-spot Exploration
  • Discover many different techniques you can share with a partner to help you release your Divine Nectar.

This workshop will give you a very personal understanding of Female ejaculation so you will be well on your way to discovering parts of your sexuality you never even knew existed. This is a re-evolutionary journey. Let us share, heal, and experience the joy and pleasure of our infinite sexual potential. We deserve it!

*The seminar is for both men and women.  The experiential workshop is for Couples and Single Women only.

"Female Ejaculation is a new adventure for me so the life demonstration (I am ever so thankful) was mind blowing and educational. The highlight for me was the experiential part, where I was able to be in a field of energy that was very juicy and enhanced my personal experience." - Henna Artist

"Thank you for a most enlightening and empowering workshop. For my beloved partner, you opened up the floodgates to let a lifetime of held-back orgasms come pouring out. You showed me a new way to love her more fully. With what you taught us, she came and came and came and came ... and towel after towel after towel got drenched ... and it was, for the first time in her life, perfectly OK!" - Photographer


Kristal Magic (aka Jem) is a star in the movie Divine Nectar, Community Leader, Healer, Artist and Model.  She hosts personal and spiritual growth workshops and gatherings at Kristal Magic Temple.  She trained with Margot Anand as a Tantra Facilitator, and served as an assistant for Human Awareness Institute's Sex Love and Intimacy workshops.  Kristal has studied relationship and somatic modalities such as Mother Wave and Nonviolent Communication, and is a certified Reiki Master.  Kristal endeavors to be an inspiration for transformation, sexual liberation, and full orgasmic potential. see and

Tallulah Sulis is an Erotic Educator, Certified Somatic Sexologist, and Filmmaker. She is director and producer of the newly released video, Divine Nectar (; an educational video about Female Ejaculation. As an erotic educator with expertise in Female Ejaculation, she has appeared on PlayBoy TV, the video "Liquid Love," "Magic Gold," several British TV shows, facilitated several workshops around the country, and is a model for various erotic publications.  She is touring around the country promoting The Erotic rEvolution by organizing workshops, erotic performance art, and screenings for Divine Nectar.


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